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Vastu house plans in India

Vastu house plans in india Vastu house plans in India find here architectural Indian house plans as per vastu considering the house plan can be referred to as the working vastu based drawings that are used to define all the specification required in the construction of a house such as the materials needed in the building, the dimensions of the whole building, installation methods and the techniques that will be employed in the building of the entire house.

  The principal information of vastu that is usually included on the vastu house plans drawing is, Site plan, this is the part of the drawing that will show the exact location of the house to be built in context to the given property. The whole site plan is an aerial view of the house and how its sits in reference to the boundaries allocated for the property. One of the main things that must be included on a site plan is the outline of the utility services, easements, setback requirements, location of walkways and driveways and at times the site plan should also include the topographical data that will help in the determination of the slope of the terrain.

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House plans in indiaVastu house plans in India find here duplex independent individual small modern architectural Indian house plans designed as per vastu for 30x40,30x50,40x60,40x50 etc Another important information on the is the vastu floor plan. A floor plan is the aerial view of how the house itself will be after completion of the whole project. The floor plan has some parallel lines on it that are used in the scaling of the whole plan to whatever width that the walls should be with the dimensions drawn in between the wall drawings to help in the specification of room sizes and wall lengths. Floor plans also indicate all the rooms in the house including all the doors, windows and any other built in element such as cabinets and plumbing fixtures, water heaters etc with notes that specify to the builders the electrical items, type of finishing and also the construction methods.

Vastu house plans

 On a Vastu home plans there is also the elevation which is not the perspective view of the home but still very important part of the plan. Vastu house plans india in elevation are drawn to scale and when building the measurements are taken for any aspect that is necessary to the construction. There is the rear, front and both side elevation. The elevation specifies ridge heights, exterior finishes, roof pitches, the positioning of the final fall of land and other details that are vastu  necessary in giving a home an architectural exterior styling.There is also the section that cut through the dwelling and the location and this is also noted on a floor plan by the section. The section describes the construction of the building and how the internal finishing’s will look like.

There are many types of plans depending on the type of houses to be built but our main aim is the House plans india20x30,30x50,40x60,50x80,30x50 Vastu based house plans in india. The Vastu house plans is derived from the Vastu Shastara which is a traditional Hindu designing method based on directional alignments. The use of Vastu Shastara construction science is mainly incorporated in the Hindu vastu  architecture especially in the building of the Hindu temples.Vastu based house plans india are designed in harmony with cosmic energies and the earth this is why the entry and room locations, vastu proportions, orientation and dimensions are all important to these designs. If a vastu house plan be it commercial or residential is made by a vastu-specialist there are a wide number of positive points that can’t even be evaded. The vastu building technique makes sure that during planning what room goes to what direction and hence avoids causing troubles, harm or even losses to the home owner.

When vastu planning for these houses the main entrance which is also referred as the “ Simhadwar “ in the vastu building technique is viewed as the nose on the face of a human being. 30x40 Vastu house house designs in India are done considering Indian style in designing weather its modern, traditional, contemporary etc. A human being cannot work without the clear functioning of the nose that’s the same importance the main entrance has to the house and thus should also be properly located in a convinent location as per vastu. The best location for a door in this type of plan depending on vastu is on the North east as opposed to North West which is not easy and requires expertise intervention.The common room of the house should be spaced in between east and north east direction of the house as it is used for the entertaining of guests and it is also a place where all the family members can meet and sit together designed as per vastu.

House plans in India According to medical science human body health is determined primarily by the health of the liver and this is what is represented by the house kitchen with the house as the body and the kitchen as the liver. The burner be it the gas stove, electric or any other type of burner should be kept on the south eastern side of the kitchen platform in a way that when a person is cooking his body faces the eastern side on vastu basis. 30x40 Duplex vastu Indian house plans are carefully planned as per vastu like arrangements in the kitchen should be made on the north east corner of the house whereas, the shelves for the storage of utensils, raw commodities etc should be located on the south or west side of the kitchen.

The bedroom section in a Indian vastu house plans is supposed to be a true reflection of the house owner and should provide ultimate support and comfort and be an inviting and also special place. The bedroom is where the day begins and is also the place where you end the day so it should be kept simple and not cluttered. The main bedroom is supposed to be located on the southwest corner of the house as the south west is the inert direction on the earth.

The most important place of the vastu house plan is the prayer with its correct position given to be the North east direction so that whoever is in the prayer session looks to the North east side but if it not possible any location as per vastu can be chosen but it must be between vastu of North and east location. Also the centre of the house is supposed to be open and non cluttered with any heavy item, beam or column because this is the navel of the house and the same way pressure of the navel causes upset to the body also pressure on this point is not allowed.
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